NTcab Oy has strengthened its bending efficiency by investing in a new 9-axle Baykal APHS 31300 press brake. The investment made in the spring has brought many benefits. The machine was put into production use in early May after a few days of software transfers and staff training. The operating experiences regarding the new press brake have been good.

“The independently operating back gauges on the machine give workers a better chance of succeeding in edging. The edging of even larger metal sheets, in particular, will be easier in the future. The machine is also more user-friendly and safer than previous models.  The users of the machine have been very satisfied with it,” says Antti Hyyryläinen, CEO of NTcab.


The investment in the machinery was driven by more efficient turnaround times and increased quality assurance.

“The machine, for its part, ensures a high-quality end result, both in edging and in subsequent work stages. With this, we will get even stronger sheet pieces to the right dimensions. Dimensions also play a large role in our robotic welding. The robot works according to the instructions programmed into it, so the dimensions must match both the instructions and the piece of metal sheet in order to maintain the high quality.”

The Baykal APHS 31300 press brake is NTcab’s third Baykal.  The new machine will complement the edging with 100 tonnes more compressive force than previous models, significantly increasing the bending power. It will make it possible to make more diverse cabins.