NTcab Oy

NTcab Oy designs and builds custom-engineered operator cabins for various types of working machines. The annual production volumes  can range from single vehicles to hundreds of units. Our objective is simple: to deliver on schedule a competitive cab package that meets the needs of the customer. We can provide a cab package that contains it all from the design and engineering to a fully tested, ready-to-install serially manufactured cab, not forgetting comprehensive documentation. 

Our clients are comprised of manufacturers of purpose-built machines and cranes that deliver leading-edge solutions to meet the needs of some very tough lines of business: mining, earth-moving, forestry, and logistics. 

Our specialty is to not only use ordinary structural steel but also stainless steel and aluminum in the construction of our products when corrosion resistance and light weight are important. We make ABS interior panels ourselves to ensure flexible deliveries that are so inherent in small-scale production. 

The most important properties of NTcabs are as follows:

  • Very cost-effective
  • Excellent ergonomics and usability
  • high quality
  • Adherence to standards and requirements
  • On-time deliveries

Besides the operator cabins, we make other products too: frames for working machines; protective casings; tanks and reservoirs; hoods; and other protective parts needed by the customers who use cabins build by us. Our turnover consist mainly out from operator cabin building and these listed components are seen as a extra service for our customers in order to help them focus on their core business.

We operate centrally at our new 4000-square meter facility that was completed in 2009 in Nivala, Finland.


    Our core business is to manufacture ready-to-install cabs in relatively small numbers, employing the turnkey principle.


    • Cab design, engineering, and documentation.
    • Engineering and construction of jigs.
    • Building of prototype cab and testing to standards, if necessary.
    • Design and manufacture of interior panels.
    • Engineering, installation, and testing of electrical systems and functionality of the cab.


    By developing products and production actively, we are able to serve our partners very cost-effectively.