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NEWS - 03.01.2017 - Achiever Certificate

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Kauppalehti Achiever 2016


NTcab has risen among the country´s most successful companies. In yearly review of Finnish own publication focusing on economy company has granted an Achiever certificate by Kauppalehti.

This is a proven fact of long-term work among cabins in Nivala Finland for over three decades. Thanks to this goes to every cooperation partner.

Thank you!


Kauppalehti Achiever certificate is a prove of company which is in fact a better partner.

The achiever company belongs to a group of which an expert in economy has stated to perform better than its equals.

The economical success is build on many differents areas such are strong company management, devoted personnel, efficient processes and understanding the customer needs. The Achiever certificate also predicts the future success and by that it acts as a strong message of knowhow.


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