Changes in the management

Engineer MBA Mr. Antti Hyyryläinen has been pointed to a CEO of company NTcab Oy by the Board of Directors, starting from 1st of November 2019. Current CEO of NTcab Mr. Esa Pätsi will be as a Chairman of the Board of NTcab Oy and as an advisor, providing all the necessary support.

Mr. Hyyryläinen has been working for the company NTcab Oy over 7 years, in main responsible area of sales and marketing and the past three years also as a Vice President of the company. Mr. Hyyryläinen posses a wide knowledge throughout the cabin manufacturing industry, the core business of NTcab.

Mr. Hyyryläinen provides new perspective and thrive to the companys future, which convinced the Board of Directores for his capabilities to lead to company going forward. The main and key tasks for Mr. Hyyryläinen is to continue the already started improvements to companys profitability and to build a strong, long term stratetic foundation for the company. The Board of Directors are convinced that Mr. Hyyryläinen posses all the required skills to ne succesful in the pointed tasks.

Mr. Esa Pätsi Chairman of the Board NTcab Oy